The Perfect DIY Hair Mask

Winter hair given you the frizzies? Indoor, over heated air left your scalp fry and itchy? Michelle found a moisturizing DIY hair mask you can make up in your kitchen and asked me to give it a whirl. To make the hair mask you’ll need: 3 tablespoons coconut oil at room temperature 3 tablespoons Amla oil (I bought mine at Amazon) 3 tablespoons Neem oil (check your local natural provider or online) 1 tablespoon honey Mix ingredients in a small bowl. The consistency will be like a thick balsamic vinegarette. My neem oil was only 2 tablespoons so, since I have short hair, I cut the recipe down to 2/3. It was actually still too much and I could have cut it down to a 1/3 recipe. Michelle had warned me before hand that the neem oil was fairly stinky. It wasn’t as bad as I had thought, but [...]