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Improve Your Clients’ Experience

Comfort During Massage Keeps Them Coming Back For More As massage therapists, we are always thinking about new ways to provide a high-quality experience that is unique and exceptional every time. Taking extra steps to enhance your clients’ comfort during massage can be one way to make your treatments stand out. Although a massage is meant to be relaxing, the process, especially the part of the session in which the client is prone, is not always as comfortable as one may like. Here are a few useful tips and tricks you can use to make your client’s comfort during massage a fully enjoyable experience: A good quality face rest Probably the least enjoyable aspect of a massage for some clients is discomfort from the face rest, and the pressure in the head and sinuses that can build up after being in a prone position for 30 to 40 minutes. Recently, [...]

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The Perfect DIY Hair Mask

Winter hair given you the frizzies? Indoor, over heated air left your scalp fry and itchy? Michelle found a moisturizing DIY hair mask you can make up in your kitchen and asked me to give it a whirl. To make the hair mask you’ll need: 3 tablespoons coconut oil at room temperature 3 tablespoons Amla oil (I bought mine at Amazon) 3 tablespoons Neem oil (check your local natural provider or online) 1 tablespoon honey Mix ingredients in a small bowl. The consistency will be like a thick balsamic vinegarette. My neem oil was only 2 tablespoons so, since I have short hair, I cut the recipe down to 2/3. It was actually still too much and I could have cut it down to a 1/3 recipe. Michelle had warned me before hand that the neem oil was fairly stinky. It wasn’t as bad as I had thought, but [...]

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