Unique Spa Products

Unique Spa Products provides hand-selected, well-crafted equipment, supplies, and products to boutique spa, skin and body treatment related businesses as well as individual professionals. Founded by two Licensed Massage Therapists and Estheticians, Unique Spa Products brings a curated product line typically only available to large spas. The founders each have experience operating large upscale spas, privately owned boutique spas, and with in-home professional services. This experience was the impetus that curated a product line to help create distinctive and extraordinary experiences for clientele while balancing the need for affordability, service and education.

How Can We Help You?

Sharing experiences, struggles, success stories, tips or just day to day spa life operations with other professionals and helping them grow professionally is a driving force in Unique Spa Products.  Our values are based upon our personal experience in the spa industry. Boutique spas and individual professionals often have limited resources in both education and product selection. High minimum order requirements and costs make it difficult for you to provide a highly differentiated product experience for your clients. Customizing your client’s experience should be a pleasure, not a struggle. Unique Spa Products will provide you with a complex, differentiated product line, education on their use, and tips on personalizing each treatment experience.

Unique Spa Products is your source for small order products, supplies, and equipment. Assisting others in achieving the restorative nature of the body drives us to perfect the art of the spa experience and is the primary goal in each curated item. By traveling and experiencing international spa services, we have discovered innovative solutions that are often only available to large spas.

Our Promise to You

Every item in the Unique Spa Product line has been personally curated and chosen to help you differentiate your services and provide customized care to your clientele. Products are chosen according to high purity and quality standards and have been personally tested. We will provide the highest level of support and educational events to ensure that you have the utmost confidence in our products and their use. Our service will be on par with what we provide to our own spa clientele. We will carefully listen to each of you in order to determine your most important concerns and help you customize purchases to address your needs in the most effective way.

Featured Product

The Face Coolie Gel Pack: The Face Coolie Gel Pack is a removable gel insert intended for use on the face cradle of a massage table. Keep the Coolie Gel Pack in the refrigerator and simply add the gel pad to your current face cradle and cover prior to a service. The pack conforms to the contours of the face and gives your clients a cool and comfortable place to rest their head during a massage, providing a totally relaxed and unique experience. The cool gel helps to relieve sinus pressure and inflammation while lying face down.

Provides solution to:

  • Clients who overheat easily
  • Sinus congestion when face down during treatment

The Founders

Unique Spa Products was founded by two Licensed Massage Therapists and Estheticians in response to the needs for boutique and individual businesses.

Michelle Boster – Always fascinated and interested in alternative health and wellness options, Michelle began her career in 1993 by graduating from the International Academy of Alternative Health in Cape Town, South Africa. Licensed in Florida since 1996, Michelle’s specialties include: Skin Care Treatments (for all skin types/conditions), Waxing, Body Treatments, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Foot Reflexology, Microdensitometer, Cupping Therapy and Aromatherapy. Building on her skills as a practitioner, Michelle has managed a large scale country club spa and a boutique spa, Balance Spa, which she still currently owns and operates.

Michelle’s focus is to improve quality of life and movement through therapeutic touch. The human body, and its incredible ability to heal when in a healthy state of balance, fuels her passion to create customized experiences for her spa clientele. Michelle brings these values to Unique Spa Products where she strives to ensure each customer has a quality experience that enhances their ability to serve their clients, through balance and healing.

Silvia BoltSilvia has been in the spa industry as a Licensed Massage Therapist and Esthetician for 15 years. She managed and expanded one of the finest spas in state of Florida and has extensive knowledge and has been involved in the development and concept of the spa experience. Silvia has also developed boutique spas and currently owns and operates Harmony Organic Spa.

As a member of the American Massage Therapy Association and National Association of Eco-Friendly Salon and Spas, Silvia is passionate about expanding her spa and treatment knowledge and sharing it with others. She has authored numerous newsletter articles and has traveled extensively in search of spa and treatment knowledge and ideas internationally. In addition to her skin and body restoration services, Silvia focuses on the needs of the greater community and the environment. She believes people can achieve their best when they take an active role in their personal well being and can find balance in life and health. These values carry over in to her work with Unique Spa Products.